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Wake Up California Camp Out

We're going camping at Shaver Lake! Do you like being warmed by a camp fire as you sing, waking up to the morning sun and...

Wake Up California Campout 2017

Wake Up California is organizing its third annual camping event to bring together mindfulness practitioners from California and Baja California and focus on nurturing the local Sanghas. This is an unique opportunity for 18-35 year olds throughout California to practice mindfulness in a loving community, and nurture the seeds of joy and happiness on the peaceful grounds of Big Sur. We will enjoy quality time on the beautiful Plaskett Creek Campground for 3 nights

Joyfully Together: Building Community at Mariposa

The aspiration for this retreat is to hold space for a weekend of concentrated mindfulness practice and to facilitate discussion about developing the Mariposa Institute into a base of practice for the local and extended community. We want to come together to practice sitting, walking, and eating in mindfulness, to play and laugh together, and to explore community building through interactive and contemplative exercises.

“Your Presence and Practice is All That Truly Matters”

After moving to Australia from the United States, Adam Victorino shares about practicing with Wake Up Milpitas and Wake Up Sydney. How did you get...


By a lay friend (written August 7, 2011) (A short preface for the layperson: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in its origins, is an extremely effective yet...

Wake Up Milpitas

For this month's Sangha of the Month, we get to know Wake Up Milpitas from California and how they got inspired to start a Sangha after...