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I Am Everything

Plum Village Children’s Program By Jadzia Tedeschi A few shrieks, giggles in the background, a rolling Spanish rrr, some expressive Italian gesticulation, a fresh generation of...

Beginning Anew to Love

by Monastic Sister Sinh Nghiem Dear Wake Uppers, For over 30 years, I have gone around in circles, trying to find true love and happiness without...

Lower Hamlet Looking for Volunteers in Plum Village

The sisters of Lower Hamlet are currently looking for energetic and able-bodied English-speaking volunteers to help with general duties or with the English-speaking children's programme during our...

The Summer Within Me

By Monastic Sister Trang Moi Len (True Newly Rising Moon) Monastic Sister True Newly Rising Moon, an Indonesian monastic sister, was ordained in 2010 with...

How I Discovered Wake Up and Chose the Monastic Path

In this Part I of a 2-part monthly series, Karim Manji from Wake Up London interviews Brother Dao Kien from Upper Hamlet, Plum Village,...

Six Mantras Remix

Enjoy listening to the Six Mantras Remix from the Children's Program Skit during this past summer retreat at the Blue Cliff Monastery! The original version...