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Stepping into Freedom – Stepping into Joy

Wake Up Retreat in Jericho/ Palestine, April 7th – 9th 2013 Our tour in Israel and Palestine led us five monastic brothers and sisters to...

A Love Letter to The Bat Nha Monastics

Wake Up skype cosmos, 25th of September 2010 Dear Brothers and Sisters of Bat Nha, We - the Wake Up Youth Sangha - are sitting together...

Love Poem from Israel

Dear Thay, Yesterday a friend declared her hatred for Israel. Another, his fear of Iran. A mother dragged her crying daughter through the street by the arm, and...

Bat Nha’s Great Vow

Bat Nha's Great Vow In Lam Dong province, daily incense smoke curdles In forests and on Buddha’s faces, on altars of monasteries, A drizzle begins at 6...