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How Does Thay Calm Down Someone in Rage?

Thay has been able to deal successfully with a number of people who got angry at Thay out of jealousy and wrong perceptions. Sometimes,...

A Love Letter to The Bat Nha Monastics

Wake Up skype cosmos, 25th of September 2010 Dear Brothers and Sisters of Bat Nha, We - the Wake Up Youth Sangha - are sitting together...

Living My Dream – Sr. Hien Nghiem

 LIVING MY DREAM - A RESPONSE TO THE BAT NHA KOAN Dear Beloved, Respected Thay, I ask permission to share my initial insights on Thay’s Bat Nha...

A Letter To My Teacher – Br. Phap Linh

A LETTER TO MY TEACHER - A RESPONSE TO THE BAT NHA KOAN   Dear Respected Teacher, This is a moment of happiness. I am sitting with a...

Bat Nha’s Great Vow

Bat Nha's Great Vow In Lam Dong province, daily incense smoke curdles In forests and on Buddha’s faces, on altars of monasteries, A drizzle begins at 6...