Wake Up Retreat @ Deer Park Monastery

This special retreat is for young adults, ages 18-35 years old, at Deer Park Monastery, California. Participation in the daily retreat schedule is required.

Wake Up Your Artist Retreat @ EIAB

WUYA welcomes all to come and explore their creativity this spring! You are invited to take part in workshops dedicated to creativity, like writing, painting, song and movement. We will playfully explore the relationship between what’s inside of us and how we share it with the world outside. Come along and join us for this adventure!

Wake Up Mini-Retreat @ AIAB

"Blooming A New Me" - A Wake Up Mini-Retreat (April 7-8, 2018) at the AIAB. Time to begin anew & water our wholesome seeds. Details & Registration: https://goo.gl/9aaap3

Wake Up Scouting Tour in Palestine and Israel

Our fourfold delegation will explore the Middle East, make connections, and lay the foundation for Wake Up retreats and activities both in Israel and Palestine. Our intention is to collaborate with local active peace groups to listen, learn, and share the practice together, especially to the young people. Our aspiration is also to simply water […]

Tokyo Mindfulness Hub – Wake Up Day of Mindfulness

「つながる」1日になる 1日、様々な形の瞑想を通して、自分とつながる時間をたっぷりと。 そして、集まった同世代の若者同士で繋がることのできるとっておきの1日になることを願っています。 詳細は後日UPします。 以下過去のイベントスケジュールです。 ※細かいところは変わりますが、一部同じ内容・流れを含みます。 <スケジュール> ※雨になりそうな場合はスケジュール変更になります※ 11:20 原宿駅/表参道改札側すぐの、原宿橋に集合 11:30 原宿橋にてフラッシュモブ瞑想 鐘がなったら開始だよ 11:50 瞑想終了→公園へ移動(歩く瞑想) 12:30 食べる瞑想 13:30 ミニシェアリング 14:00 横になる瞑想 15:00 シェアリング 16:00 移動(場所はまだ未定) 17:00 若者プチ瞑想会 19:00 ラストシェアリング ※全プログラムの参加ではなく、一部だけ参加も歓迎! https://www.facebook.com/events/413372455671760/ *2018​年のFBイベントページは、詳細が決まり次第、こちらでお知らせいたします。

Wake Up Thailand Retreat: Together We Are One

How long has it been since we last logged in to real life or connected with a loved one without the use of an electronic device? How long since we last really took care of ourselves? Have we used our inner capacity to release tension and stress, to heal, to feel authentic peace and joy […]

Wake Up Retreat @ Blue Cliff Monastery

You are invited to join other young adults (ages 18-35 or so) for a time of practice, inclusiveness, and fun at Blue Cliff Monastery, New York. Registration will open in February.

Wake Up Body and Mind Retreat

Together with experienced deep ecology trainers and Plum Village practitioners, we'd like invite young and young at heart friends for the following retreat: We will practice meditation and mindfulness, go for hikes, explore the forests and discover nature, enjoy vegan/vegetarian food, enjoy togetherness, inventing campfire stories, making music, etc.

Wake Up Montréal Retreat: Together We Are One

Come discover or deepen your meditation practice in Plum Village tradition founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The retreat will last 4 days, on the theme : "Ensemble nous sommes un tout / Together we are one." It will feature guided meditations, Dharma talks, sharings, and more ways to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. It will be hosted at Maple Village, a Buddhist retreat center in the countryside of the Eastern townships, 1hr 30min away from Montreal.

Wake Up Earth Retreat 2018 @ Plum Village

How can we respond to the recent surge in intolerance, hatred, and isolationism in the world with brotherhood and sisterhood, our feet rooted firmly in the Earth and our minds free from judgment and anger? Young people (16-35 year olds) from around Europe and the world are warmly invited to gather in Plum Village for […]

Youth Retreat @ Alicante, Spain: Love Letter to Mother Earth

Os ofrecemos una convivencia de 5 días en un entorno natural y vivir una experiencia compartida con otros jóvenes, practicando la atención plena, desde que nos levantamos, hasta acostarnos por la noche. Exploraremos cómo conectar con el cuerpo y aprender a relajarse, a conectar con las  emociones y los sentimientos y aprender a que no nos dominen. Nos sentaremos en calma aceptádonos como somos, caminaremos acariciando la tierra con nuestros pies, comeremos saboreando cada bocado y agradeciendo a la tierra sus regalos. Practicaremos el habla amorosa y la escucha profunda, compartiendo lo que llevamos en nuestro corazón. Todo esto en un ambiente relajado, creativo y alegre.

The Body as Practice Retreat @ EIAB

Our body is the foundation of our life and our practice. Yet, we have the tendency to ignore our body’s needs; we judge them as mere sensitivities. We forget how to perceive and interpret our body’s signals. Experiences of insults, trauma and abuse are stored in our body’s consciousness and could, if consistently ignored, lead to imbalances and physical complaints. How do I recognise that I am not doing well? What do I need to be healthy and be in balance? In this retreat, we will practice to pay close attention to our body using a well-balanced mix of relaxation and activity, gentle movement and mindfulness. We will lead body and mind back into unity again.

Wake Up Hong Kong Retreat: Are You Still In Love?

Welcome to the Zen Camp, under the leadership of the monks, we will go back to the springs of love by observing the line, feeling, the relationship between ourselves and others. Let us relax, nourish the physical and mental, and cultivate depth of comfort and kindness, so that we can share the beauty of the inner beauty with the loved ones.

Wake Up Hong Kong Retreat: Cultivating True Love

In this retreat you will learn the ways how to be yourselves, so you can find out answers to those questions by practicing mindfulness with the community. You can be able to generate the energy of loving kindness, compassion, learn how to restore communication with your beloved ones and also have an opportunity to receive the Five Mindfulness Trainings: a template for self-happiness and the meaning of life. The retreat is the foundation of our togetherness as a Sangha.

Wake Up Liège Retreat @ Belgium

This is a Wake Up retreat dedicated to young people aged 18 to 35. The main theme will be engaged buddhism. Besides the usual practices (sitting meditation, relaxation, dharma sharing...), we’ll explore this topic throughout several teachings and workshops to gain better understanding of the Five Mindfulness Trainings and some ways to put them into practice in day-to-day life. We will be very fortunate to welcome two Plum Village nuns for the occasion : Sr Mai Nghiem et Sr Tinh Do.

Wake Up Lyon Retreat @ France

Le groupe Wake Up de Lyon va organiser un week-end de retraite en montagne en Savoie du vendredi 15 au soir au dimanche 17 mars. Ce week-end est réservé aux personnes qui se sentent jeunes et actives (environ entre 18 et 40 ans). Il y aura 12 places disponibles. Pour plus d'information, voici le PDF.

Wake Up Retreat @ Deer Park Monastery

This special retreat is for young adults, ages 18-35 years old. Participation in the daily schedule of meditation and mindfulness activities is required. During this retreat, we will practice together as a community. Activities include getting to know our restless mind and befriending ourselves; sitting, walking, and working meditation and mindful meals; singing practice songs, exercising, and hiking; practicing mindful speech and deep listening; enjoying silence and nature; discovering our aspiration in life

Wake Up Your Artist Retreat @ EIAB

WUYA welcomes everyone and invites you to explore your creativity this spring! For a week, you are invited to participate in workshops that serve your creativity: writing, painting, singing and movement. We will explore the relationship between what is in us and how we share it with the outer world playfully. Come and join us in this adventure!

Wake Up Cyprus Retreat

Click here to download the flyer Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2011178245678105/

Wake Up Sydney Retreat @ Australia

The annual Wake Up retreat with monastics will take place in Wisemans Ferry, NSW from Thursday, April 25 (from 3pm) to Sunday, April 28 (to 3pm) 2019.

Wake Up Retreat – Love like a Buddha @ Thai Plum Village

The monastic community of Plum Village Thailand is very happy to welcome our young friends (age 18 to 35) from all around Asia and the world for practicing mindfulness together in the Wake Up Retreat “Love Like a Buddha”. We will learn together to be the true lover and to be the true beloved in […]

Wake Up UK Camping Retreat

You are warmly invited to attend a special Plum Village Monastic led Wake Up camping retreat: Nurturing Ourselves in Nature which is happening 7pm Thursday 16th May - 5pm Sunday 19th May in Kentwell (Suffolk, England). This is an opportunity to practice mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition in the beautiful gardens and woods of Kentwell, a peaceful and expansive countryside venue in Suffolk, England. There will be lots of opportunities to practice - sitting meditations, walking meditations, Monastic Dharma talks, sharings, singing and creative offerings!

Viet Wake Up Camping @ Florida, USA

Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life is the tranquil grounds of Camp Owaissa Bauer – the perfect spot to escape to. Explore Camp Owaissa Bauer, an oasis close to home, where you can reconnect to nature, create lasting memories and become a kid again! It’s the perfect spot for group retreats

Viet Wake Up Camping @ Texas, USA

Camp Carter sits on a 360-acre plot of land surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers, and forest. Accommodations include: Cabin stay for 3 days and 3 nights with bunk beds, A/C, showers and bathroom; camping available

Wake Up Retreat @ Healing Spring Monastery, France

Young adults (~18-35 years old) are invited to gather in our young monastery to cultivate our master’s vision of a way of life and practice that can bring joy, freedom and brotherhood/sisterhood to the very heart of the (hyper) active life that many young adults know today.

Wake Up Retreat @ Blue Cliff Monastery

You are invited to join other young adults (ages 18-35 or so) for a time of practice, inclusiveness, and fun. The Wake Up movement was founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh as a way for young adults around the world to come together and practice mindfulness in order to take care of themselves, nourish happiness, and contribute to building a healthier and more compassionate society. During this time together we will explore the practices of sitting, walking and eating meditation, while building community through Dharma sharing and simply being together.