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Education is Not for Information, but to Teach Human Beings

A few days before the Wake Up Schools retreat took place at the University of Barcelona from the 9th to the 11th of May,...

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Will Change the World

Everyone who has been to Plum Village or came to one of the Wake Up tours must have noticed the tall and shining presence...

Young People are Hungry for an Alternative

Interview with Sister Peace If you have ever been to Plum Village, you will surely have noticed Sister Peace's welcoming and gentle presence. Her warm...

Bhutan & India Wake Up Tour Report

Wake Up family! A reflection on the October 2012 Wake Up Tour in Bhutan & India Stop, breathe, smile.     That’s what we learn in Plum Village...

Return Again

A week in the UK with Thay Phap Nhan, Sr. Mai Nghiem, Sr. Ton Nhgiem and Phap Linh. We shared the practice with more...