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Mindful Reflections from Wake Up Bangkok

Opening Up to Love by Namsai Thai Plum Village didn’t give me happiness, peace, nor did it give me new life, new identity, nor any...

36 Years

By Sister Hai An (Sister Ocean) 36 years 36 years was all you got 36 years to learn, to laugh, to work and to love 36 years was all...

You See, Life No Longer Means Anything Anymore

Question: I am 20 years old and currently a student. My family is not happy. My dad is an alcoholic and has several affairs...

Life the Universe and Everything

Here are Delfin's true and moving reflections on Life, Plum Village and the Wake Up movement (in Spanish) . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9rIi99CvI8 If you understand Spanish then please...