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The Body as Practice Retreat @ EIAB

Our body is the foundation of our life and our practice. Yet, we have the tendency to ignore our body’s needs; we judge them as mere sensitivities. We forget how to perceive and interpret our body’s signals. Experiences of insults, trauma and abuse are stored in our body’s consciousness and could, if consistently ignored, lead to imbalances and physical complaints. How do I recognise that I am not doing well? What do I need to be healthy and be in balance? In this retreat, we will practice to pay close attention to our body using a well-balanced mix of relaxation and activity, gentle movement and mindfulness. We will lead body and mind back into unity again.

Reaping the Rewards of Sleep

by Daniel Jin Blum, PhD Most of us reap the rewards of sleep without realizing that sleep is the foundational element fueling our health. It’s...

This is Not Your Parents’ Buddhism

This article, written by Denise Nguyen to help promote the Viet Wake Up event in Southern California this past Spring 2014, was aimed at...