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Wake Up Your Inner Retreat @ Austria

Based on the Plum Village tradition as well as deep ecology, we'd like invite young and young at heart friends (16 - 35ish) and...

Wake Up Body & Mind Retreat in the Alps

A hiking and Qigong/Tai Chi retreat with the monastic sisters and brothers from the EIAB in the Austrian Alps! Come along to explore mindfulness for 6 days in movement and stillness. We’ll be discovering the Dharma within us, enjoying the summer, walking the woods, and connecting with our true self.

Sailing to the Other Shore

Memories of a Winter Retreat I chose the shape of a mandala with three circles to give you a structure of my story. The frame...

Wake Up Graz

This month, we get to know Wake Up Graz from Austria, how they practice mindfulness together, and what makes them special! Happy reading :)

Wake Up Interview with Anna Posch, a 21 year-old student from...

Question: Why do you practice the Plum Village tradition and not other traditions, since there are so many options? Answer: I practice Tian Gong Qi...