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The Economy of Pricelessness

Social change activist Kai Sawyer from Wake Up Japan shares about his practice of gift economy and how his experiences help him to realize...

Engaging with Environmentalism

Q: How did you know that the monastic path is for you? Sister Luc Nghiem (LN): I heard about Plum Village in a newspaper...

Wake Up Autumn Retreat – The World We Are

  WAKE UP RETREAT ON DEEP ECOLOGY EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF APPLIED BUDDHISM WALDBRÖL, GERMANY 23-30 SEPTEMBER 2011   "People sometimes ask me how our species can reconcile with planet...

Teen Rap UK 2010 retreat

This rap came from some "deep looking" from our teen group: "OK, today we are going to save the world - yes we can! What...

Living My Dream – Sr. Hien Nghiem

 LIVING MY DREAM - A RESPONSE TO THE BAT NHA KOAN Dear Beloved, Respected Thay, I ask permission to share my initial insights on Thay’s Bat Nha...

Love in action

A lotus to everyone, I would like to share about mindfulness, love, and action. Some years ago I was working in hotel as housekeeper. My job...