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Mindfully Angry!? ~ On Our Longing for Authenticity

By Leni It took me a while before I understood the importance of anger. That being angry is not a sin. That you are not...

Mindful Reflections from Wake Up Bangkok

Opening Up to Love by Namsai Thai Plum Village didn’t give me happiness, peace, nor did it give me new life, new identity, nor any...

Loving Speech and Deep Listening

By Jonathan Borella The Fourth Mindfulness Training: Loving Speech and Deep Listening Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful speech and the inability to listen to...

Open Heart – experiencing healing

Dear friends, Recently I had an experience which moved my heart very deeply. I feel I am very lucky. I would like to share this...

Questions and Answers with Thay

Hey folks, here's two short segments from a Question and Answer session with Thay (questions by young people!) at Blue Cliff Monastery... Enjoy!   Part 1...