Wake Up North America demographics survey


Dear Wake Up Siblings across North America,

The North American Wake Up Care-Taking Council (NAWUCTC) has put together a brief survey to better understand who we are as a collective Wake Up community across North America. 

Having demographics information can significantly help shape the dialogue of who is part of our community, who is being seen, and how people are served. It is our hope that the survey provides insights that support our collective awakening and liberation.

This survey takes just 2 – 3 minutes, and is completely anonymous.

It is for anyone who has ever attended a Wake Up group, retreat, or event.

It will be open for 30 days (until Friday, February 19th), after which the CTC will share the results with Wake Up communities across North America. The greater our survey participation, the better we will understand our larger Sangha community!

Please complete the Survey here. 

Thank you again for your time and your practice.

Breathing in, we smile knowing you are there.

Breathing out, we know we will continue beautifully into the future.

In gratitude,

North America Wake Up Care-Taking Council *

*The North America Wake Up Care-Taking Council (NAWUCTC) is a body of Wake Up practitioners and friends who gather on a monthly basis to contemplate and act on the provision of resources and programming for the benefit of Wake Up sanghas, Wake Up Ambassadors, and friends in North America.


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